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  • February 16, 2011

OpenSignalMaps.comImagine the effect that knowing in advance which carrier has the best signal would have on the sales of mobile phones. Even by some conservative standards, such information would have more than a handful of people turning their back on certain carriers and heading straight to their competitors.

That is no understatement. And this site has got what it takes to make such a scenario come true.

It is named Open Signal Maps, and it can basically take care of letting just anybody know in which places he is going to be getting the best signal on his mobile. If he has been thinking of some specific carrier or the other, then this site will let him know pretty clearly if he is in risk of going for a service that will leave him without communication in places that he habitually spends a lot of time at.

All this information can be found just by launching a search. Users of the site specify where it is they live (or work at, or will travel through in the near future) for the quality and intensity of the available mobile phone networks to be weighed up.

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