More – Testing Usability In A Smooth Way

  • January 22, 2010

OpenHallway.comIf you want to figure out how usable any site of yours truly is, this new online resource is one that you can count upon. It will empower you to conduct a usability test in a very direct way, and one that is certain not to annoy the tester with unnecessary steps or questions that lead nowhere.

In essence, this site will let you create a test scenario with you site in mind, and then record the activity of users on your site as it is taking place either remotely or locally. Then, you can watch and analyze the video results right on your browser. That is certainly convenient, and it turns the testing process into something equally smooth to both sides.

There are currently four different plans for you to have your pick from, and these are “Starter”, “Basic”, “Plus” and “Premium”. The differences mainly lie in the amount of video that can be recorded, and also in the ability to download test results or not. Besides, the “Premium” plan comes complete with access to the existing API for you to maximize the way everything works.

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