More – Implement Multiple Payment Gateways

  • May 18, 2010

OpenGateway.netThe Open Gateway website will let you integrate a multi-gateway payment platform into any web application that you have developed. This platform supports payment via the most popular gateways currently available, and it will let you actually host your own billing engine – you won’t have to rely on the services provided by any 3d party.

Other feature that merits a mention includes the ability to create and manage an unlimited number of client accounts, each with its own privileges and its own control dashboard. And you are provided with the means for controlling customer emails and subscription plans along with the resources for taking care of autorecurring billing.

OpenGateway licenses are available for a one-time fee that comes complete with the software that you have to install, and instant activation. The installation process itself is made easier by the provided wizard, and once it’s over you will have full and unhindered access to all of the features that were described above.

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