More – Disliking Sites In An Instant Way

  • May 9, 2010

OpenDislike.orgThey say that every action causes a reaction. This site proves that line of thought is entirely true.

We can call it the polar opposite of all these sites in which people can tell others about these things that they are liking all over the Web using the new button that has been provided by Facebook.

This new site lets them do exactly the opposite: show others these things that they come across on the Web and that fail to cause a good impression.

The OpenDislike site will let you implement a “Dislike” button on your website simply by copying and pasting a string of code. From that point onwards, everybody will be able to use it at will and tell you about these things they can’t stand when they are on your site.

The one question that comes to mind when reviewing something like this is whether such a service will play a substantial role in the development of the Open Web, or whether it is only going to be a mere footnote. My money is decidedly on the latter.

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