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WordPress As A Platform: The Three Components That Are Leading This Transformation

  • July 9, 2012

Some simple statistics: WordPress currently is behind 50% of the top 100 blogs, as well as 14.7% of the top million blogs worldwide. In the US alone, for every 100 new domains, 22 use WordPress. Although it began as a simple open source project and blogging platform, WordPress has evolved and grown significantly since. With increasingly sophisticated platforms and themes, by 2004 WordPress had become a fully developed content management system. Today, WordPress serves more as a development framework or PaaS (Platform as a Service). In the last year alone, a few new services have come up that have matured WordPress into a true platform. The following provides a description on these previously missing pieces and how they have help propel WordPress forward.

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TokBox Talks OpenTok API, Open Source, And That Mushy Feeling Inside

  • July 5, 2012

It’s no secret that there are a lot of video conferencing apps on the market. Between Skype, Google Voice, and FaceTime it can be hard out there for a startup that enters this part of the field. Yet TokBox is one of the rising stars, mostly due to their ability to focus, adapt, and change. I sat down with TokBox’s Vice President of Business Development, Janine Yoong to discuss the trials and travails of being open source, and the joys of seeing just what developers can accomplish given the right infrastructure.

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More – Open Source Shopping Cart

  • January 6, 2012

GoCartdv.comBuilt on CodeIgniter, GoCart is an online shopping cart that’s been created with one thing in mind: ease of use. This ecommerce solution is completely customizable by merchants, and the fact of being an open-sourced application gives all of its users the chance to share any improvements they’ve made with everybody else. If you download this cart and implement it, you’ll be able to create an unlimited number of categories and tiers, and list an unlimited amount of products. The title and metadata of your categories and all the products that are included on them can be changed whenever you want, using a simple WYSIWYG editor. Plus, all kind of shipping methods are supported: flat rate, table rate, USPS domestic, USPS international…

And GoCart also makes it really simple to handle all of your registered customers. You can export customers as XML, and export newsletter subscriptions as CSV. A multiple address manager will let you reorder everything as you see fit.

The latest versions of GoCart are all hosted on GitHub, and you can download them by clicking on this link. And you can always try the GoCart demo yourself, and see the features that have been listed in action.

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More – Manage Software Projects

  • August 8, 2011

TaskJunction.comTaskJunction makes the organization of software projects something easy and pleasurable both for the ones who are in charge. and for the ones making up their actual teams. This service enables users to create an unlimited number of projects, and then begin distributing tasks to all their subordinates. A simple interface enables them to update their statuses as tasks are nearing completion, as well as commenting on all that needs to be done. Obviously, team members can engage each other directly and determine the best way to tackle any difficult assignment that lies in front of them.

For its part, the bosses themselves can measure the performance of their teams via the provided graphs and reports, and start working on ways in which to take productivity higher in case these results are not really auspicious.

All of the above can be done for free, and registration to TaskJunction is also really simple – you just fill out five basic fields, and your account will be ready. And all that certainly outbalances the fact the interface and the overall layout of the site are really nothing out of this world.

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More – Open Source Photos For You To Use

  • December 22, 2010

PictureOfA.netWith its really large collection of images that can be freely used, Picture Of A stands as a really helpful resource for graphic artists of every nature. Not only does this site bring together images which are open source, it actually covers most categories that you could shake a stick at.

Art, Entertainment, Food, Nature, Object, Technology and Sports… these seven categories (and one in which miscellaneous & uncategorized photos are featured) can be accessed from the main menu, and a search tool is likewise provided for you to specify what you have in mind and see what crops up.

In any case, the most recent images that have been added to the database are all highlighted on the homepage. And a button for having a random image displayed is included as well. Any way or the other, this site is going to add enough fuel to your creative fire to let you get any assignment satisfactorily done.

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More – Collaborating On Open Source Projects

  • June 17, 2010

Gitorious.orgCollaborating on open source projects can become difficult if only because of the number of participants that are often involved. The word “difficult” is not the most representative one, come to think of it.

“Sprawling” seems to be to me a more accurate one.

Gitorious intends to become the platform of choice when it boils down to open source projects that use Git. Through it, any project administrator can keep an attentive eye on people who are working on as many individual clones of his repositories as he wants.

That is, as a project administrator you can have as many project repository clones as you might need, and you will also be capable of having a timeline for each of your projects along with a comprehensive wiki. Besides, public contributions can be merged in an effortless way.

On the other hand, those who are volunteering their time and effort to any project can put their feedback forward and collaborate with every other individual who is also engaged in the same project. Having the chance to do so through such a centralized channel is one of the incontestable good features of Gitorious.

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More – A New Storage Platform Is Now Available

  • June 14, 2010

Gluster.comGluster is a storage platform that will let you save and manage your data in a global namespace that is almost limitless. That is, using Gluster you will be capable of deploying petabyte-scale storage while enjoying centralized management and automated maintenance.

In simpler words: Gluster will let you store an unprecedented amount of data, without you having to worry about backing it up from time to time, and it will also provide you with the resources for organizing that data once it has been stored. The platform is entirely scalable, too, so that professionals who need to accommodate new technological advancements in the way they do research will be fully catered for.

As you can imagine, such a platform is mainly used in industries like multimedia and anything that has to do with life sciences (like medicine) and energy – the virtualization and data archiving that Gluster has make it an invariably good alternative. It can also be used by providers of financial services that operate globally. In short, anything that implies the handling of a massive amount of data and computing power will be well-suited to this.

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More – A Management System For Schools

  • May 5, 2010

ProjectFedena.orgAn open source school management system that is based on Ruby On Rails, Fedena is an ambitious project that aims to let both schools and campuses manage their records. The idea is to let them do so in a way that is both dynamic, and that reduces the margin of error when dealing with student’s data as much as possible.

So far, featured modules include “Student Management”,“User management”, “Attendance management”, “Examination management”, “Timetable management” and “News and announcements”.

Fedena can be downloaded and installed at no cost to begin with (make sure to read the comprehensive manuals beforehand, obviously), but there are authorized companies that provide support when it comes to installing and customizing Fedena.

As any other open source project that is found on the Internet, there are many forums for you to provide your own insight on how useful Fedena is (and how useful it could become). And those of you who are knowledgeable enough can make a contribution to the project, of course. The code is available on Github for all to tweak and improve. The rest can also collaborate by reporting bugs on the many pages that are provided to these ends.

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More – Every Question About Open Source Answered

  • February 26, 2010

OSQA.netOSQA is a specialized questions and answers website. It deals with Open Source and its every ramification.

The site is absolutely free to join, and it can be entirely used at no cost too.

As every other Q & A website that exists, you can browse the questions that have been submitted both by tags and by users. And if you take part of the whole process and start answering questions yourself you will earn badges and have some cool credentials to go around.

Alternatively, the featured questions and answer can be arranged by popularity, and you can choose to have the most voted dilemmas only displayed. In that way, you can quickly find the answer to any question that you know must be on everybody’s lips without having to ask it again yourself.

Ultimately, the website is serviceable enough. It is nothing groundbreaking in terms of design or execution, but then again few Q & A sites are. As long as they can give you a direct answer they are doing their job, and this site takes care of that for sure.

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More – Run Your Own Q & A Website

  • February 24, 2010

Shapado.comIf you feel that there are topics that the public at large should be educated about, or if you want to complement the services rendered by your site in an interactive way one of the best options is creating your own Q & A site. Running such a resource will let you show customers you really care about the products that you are renowned for, and that you intend to provide as much of a comprehensive service as possible.

Also, fans of this or that actor/TV show/band can start one such site to bring discussions in the same spot.

And if you have already been thinking about implementing such a community-fueled service but just don’t have the technical wherewithal to pull it off, then this service will make your day. Basically, it is an open source application that you can run on your own, or as a hosted solution. It even makes possible for you to add you own ads, and have you own analytics. As a matter of fact, it is even possible to have a personalized URL in order to give everything a more immediate feel.

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More – A New SEO CMS System

  • February 19, 2010

SEOToaster.comThe world of SEO is not that mysterious anymore. Well, at least that is what you end up thinking when you come across sites like SEOToaster.

Basically, it stands as a SEO CMS solution that works right out of the box. No plug ins are required at all, and it enables you to actually connect a site with others and market/manage everything from a centralized location.

The site has a really thorough guide that explains all the basic (and not so basic) steps. These range from creating content and templates to how to work with media on the whole. For example, you are taught how to import images and pictures from sites such as Picasa. Moreover, you are shown the way to add a comment system and forms for visitors to leave their comments.

In order to make things easier on everybody, the site comes complete with a collection of free themes that you can use to give your site (or sites) a further touch of class. I counted almost thirty, and while they were mostly aimed at business users some which were a bit livelier in terms of colors and motifs were likewise provided.

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More – An Open Source Tool For Educating People

  • January 20, 2010

Chamilo.orgA South American startup, Chamilo is a collaboration platform and an open source e-learning solution. As they put it on the site, their objective is to bring people “the best e-learning and collaboration platform in the open source world”.

As it stands today Chamilo can be installed anywhere, and educative contents can be easily created and implemented through it.

The main assets of this platform include the possibility to track the way any user is evolving and follow-up on these topics that are giving him a hard time, whereas the actual learning tools go from “serious” pieces of writing to educative games and media for the additional engagement of users. In any case, it is very important to mention that the interface is clear enough to provide an uncluttered experience to even those who are not that technically-minded.

There are two versions of this collaboration software, and one is already procurable through the site. The file is not a hefty one at all – it takes up less than 30 MB. That makes it ideal for just everybody, including those who are in developing countries and whose desktops might not be able to support a more intensive application.

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More – Open Source Software

  • January 13, 2010

OpenSourceReleaseFeed.comToday all the open source libraries, frameworks or applications that anybody can use, need to be constantly updated in order to be useful. On this site you will find the help you are looking for if you are struggling with this problem, when you use these applications.

You do not have to worry any more about missing any important security update in order to protect your blog or application. will solve this problem for you now. If you join Open Source Release Feed, you can contribute helping yourself as well as all the other open source users on the internet, which are having the same problem.

On this site you will have the opportunity to stay up to date as well as well informed. By having Open Source Release Feed, you will be getting all the benefits of a solution that brings the community a unique benefit.

Project owners and other developers will get together all in one place in order to keep updating their tools, having the ability to promote themselves and their projects through a five questions interview series. means a win, win situation all round.

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More – Team Work Made Supple

  • July 23, 2009

OpenAtrium.comA site which is available both in English and in Spanish, Open Atrium stands as a space where team members can convene and interact with each other. The programmers actually define it as “an intranet in a box”, and it comes with six distinctive features, to wit: a blog, a wiki, a calendar, a shoutbox, a to-do list, and a dashboard for keeping everything in check.

Note that Open Atrium is presented as a customizable solution, so that if you are interested in having a special or specific functionality implemented you can add it yourself. The provided documentation bears a “How to Build a Feature” section that you can consult to these purposes.

Summing up, if you want your team to coordinate its efforts and gain focus, visiting this site might just as well be a wise idea. You can do so by following the link that is displayed below this entry. Also, if your language is not currently supported and you wish to offer your help I advice you to check the section entitled “Contribute”.

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More – A New Open Source eCommerce Solution

  • July 16, 2009

TomatoCart.comTomatoCart is a new and distinctive open source shopping cart solution. It is forked from osCommerce 3 as a separate project and is free to use and modify.

From a technical viewpoint, it employs Web2.0 technology such as Ajax and Rich Internet applications (RIAs) in order to provide users with a system of its own.

The web desktop application is totally different from traditional web pages. Traditional web pages use plain HTML which only supports limited graphic control and takes several pages to finish one complicated task. The page-to-page loading time does really lower down efficiency. Even though using Ajax could improve the efficiency a little, it might not satisfy the increasing demands of customers for high efficiency.

Tomato Cart’s application mimics the user experience of desktop Operating System, offering features and applications similar to a PC environment. As such, it is fairly easy for both beginners and professionals to get acquainted with it, and even master it. Additionally, it supports multi-window operations and that enables users to work with several modules simultaneously.

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More – Open Source Collaboration

  • July 15, 2009

TeamBox.comTeambox is a project management and collaboration web application. It lets the user take care of task planning as well as the sharing of information among team members, the confection of mailing lists, and related issues.

Note that this application is free to begin with, and there is no limit to the number of projects that you can create at the same time, nor the number of people that can take part of them concomitantly. Notes can be created for everybody to edit and stay updated on the way the project is shaping up, and learn about new priorities as they come along. These notes also support text and media attachments.

The user interface is very intuitive and clean. Being open source, you can also install it in your server to completely customize the interface. Of course, being open source also means that it can be expanded by the community in the ways that it sees fit. All in all, a very good tool for online collaboration and the development of projects. Put it to the task by following the provided link and see where does it stand for you.

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More – An Open Source Lifestream Platform

  • May 25, 2009

AmpliFeeder.comYou know how it goes. You sign up for one social network.

You sign up for another. And before you know you are part of ten different social sites and pieces of your personality have wound up scattered all over the web. This solution is there to attempt and redress such a situation. We can define it as a service that anybody can use for coming up with an aggregated himself on the web. How is that accomplished? Easy. It pulls any person’s online activity in the same space for all to get to grips with. This includes pictures that are uploaded to social sites, blog post that the individual pens, and every tweet that he has posted.

It is easy to appreciate a service such as this one. The one issue with social sites is that there are so many of them that no serious web socialite will be satisfied with just one. That is because many play out complementary roles. Facebook alone does not do the trick. Neither does Twitter on its own. And Flickr by itself does not cover every angle. That is why people sign up for so many services, and that is why this new solution has a real chance of drawing some attention to itself. You can get started by downloading it at the provided address. And note that it is an open source project, too. If you deem yourself as a bit of a programmer you will maximize it for sure.

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Untangle – Open Source Network Gateway

  • March 20, 2009

Untangle will provide users with an open source network gateway that blocks spam, as well as spyware, in addition to viruses and other potentially inappropriate websites.

These inappropriate websites include porn, gambling or social networks. is a very convenient online portal you can open in order to get the best open source software in a very easy to use way. If you have a small business you need to know that this tool was specially designed for you. The solution combines projects, as well as adds missing features, writing them to the Untangle Platform for a GUI, automatic update, and log and report.

The Untangle Server along with 12 additional apps is totally free and works as an open source. sells 8 commercial add-ons that include live support, in addition to advanced management features and a variety of extra apps.

These are some impressive numbers you need to know about the Untangle server: It has 14,000 small businesses protecting over 900,000 business users, and growth continues to accelerate. This could be a very useful solution to protect your business and you will get more information only after you open this online portal at Untangle

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More – Open Source Communication Platform

  • March 6, 2009

6Zap.comAre you looking for a new platform in order to handle your personal communications, or the communications of your company? Should that ever be the case, you might as well wend your way to this website and see if the provided solution accommodates your need.

Basically, 6Zap is an open-source communication platform that touches upon items like e-mail, contact management, file management and a calendar – all into the very same webpage.

One of the most notable features of the latest version is that you can read and reply mails even when you are not online, and e-mail can likewise be handled from multiple accounts.

Businesses and service providers are also going to appreciate the fact that the whole package is hosted in the cloud. In practice, this means that the solution can be deployed easily, and the same goes for scalability.

6Zap is likewise internationalized, so that if you want to give it a spin you can do so no matter where you are located. Just sign up for an account or download the package and install it in your server to see where does it stand for you.

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