OobGolf.com – For Both Golf Players and Fans

  • March 5, 2008

OobGolf.comWhether you are a golf player or a fan, you should consider visiting oobgolf.com.

This web site will provide you with reviews and information regarding golfers, courses, equipment and so much more. Articles are displayed in the web site, containing golf news which you can comment on, if interested. You will be able to meet other golfers and their games, and the Golfer of the Week award is given to the most outstanding golf players. If you are searching for golf courses, you should go to the course finder, which provides you with a map that contains locations of several golf courses, or you can also search by directions by typing addresses. If you want to know more about certain courts, you could use the help given by the course reviews, which contain all the information you need. In the equipment section, you can buy balls, bags, shoes and accessories online. If you have no experience or don’t know what to buy, you can get information from the equipment’s reviews. OobGolf.com

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