Google For Entrepreneurs Fostering Innovation… OUTSIDE The Valley

  • October 9, 2013

So, I definitely poured a little bit of haterade on Google last week in my article about how they’re killing innovation in Silicon Valley. While I stand by that 100%, I figured I could show the other side of that same coin today by informing you guys about some innovation-fostering that Google is doing…


Myzer.com – Northeastern Ontario Trading Post

  • February 9, 2010
Do you live somewhere in the Northeastern Ontario area? Are you looking for a business or service in the local region? If that is the case, it seems like this website might be of your interest and use. Myzer.com is a site that offers free classifieds regarding the Northeastern Ontario area.

If you ever find yourself in a conversation in which the issue of a right to the point website comes up, you should mention Myzer.com as the one which better does this without hesitating. Really, you will find no graceful icons here, nor moving images. Neither will you see detailed fonts for the text of the site, but just the same font used by the Windows system texts. Is this a bad thing? That depends on your preference and on what you consider important on a webpage. Maybe that simpleness is precisely what makes it stay longer on the minds of users.

And besides, maybe the goal that the site proposes is achieved like this, so why do more. As the Rolling Stones sang “It’s only rock and roll but I like it” back in the seventies, maybe Myzer.com might say “It’s only text but I work fine enough”. The site is about classified adds in the mentioned area.

Buyers and sellers post simple messages about the products they are selling or which they want to buy and didn’t find. For example you could post a book you are searching for and which is out of print on regular bookstores, or which you’d prefer to buy used to get a cheaper price. If you want to sell some things you just write a description and provide your e-mail or phone number and that’s it.

Several categories are availabe and certainly you’ll find great deals. Some of the site’s sections are Clothing, Collectibles, Appliances, Books, Computers, Games, or Jewelry, to name only a few. Remember to stop by this website if you are looking for free Ontario classifieds.

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Rainbowpark.ca – Dog Breeder Ontario Cananda

  • September 11, 2009

Do you live in Ontario, Canada? Are you looking for dogs? Then, feel free to stop by Rainbowpark.ca to find different dog breeds. On this site, you can learn about this dog breeding business and take a look at the available dogs. If you are looking for a new puppy, specially a Golden Poo Rainbowpark.ca could be of help.

This dog breeder from Ontario has a large list of associated breeders and it offers home raised puppies. Besides, on Rainbowpark.ca you can be informed about their different dog breeds and dog care services.

Just visit Rainbowpark.ca to get more data about these dog breeding specialists. Then, if you live in Ontario and you want to buy a new puppy, on this site you will find different dog breeds, including Golden Poo puppies and Poodles, as well as Shih Tzus and Boston Terriers. Check this site out and take a look at the puppies offered.

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ServiceOntario.ca – Making It Easier

  • June 7, 2008

ServiceOntario.caThe official website of Service Ontario could be an interesting option to consider, in case you want to get data about the most important facts of the area. You should stop by this site to learn more about immigration. If you pay this site a visit, you can clear all your doubts about many study options in Ontario.

The services provided by Serviceontario.ca give you the chance to know more about different Ontario facts. You should visit Serviceontario.ca soon, if you are interested in getting data about the immigration in the area. You should give this site a try, if you want to find details about what you can do to study in Ontario, easily.

In addition, Serviceontario.ca allows you to learn everything about the latest Ontario facts. This could be an attractive site, if you want to get data about immigration. To sum up, if you want to know where to study in Ontario, this should be the right site to visit. ServiceOntario.ca

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Eontarionow.com – Keeping Ontario Connected

  • May 14, 2008

Eontarionow.comEontarionow.com contains news, mainly, from Ontario, Canada.

Their aim is to keep Ontario’s people connected, as well as informed. They have a professional team integrated by many journalists; each of them reports news from their home province. At the web site you will see diverse categories, such as: business, entertainment, environment, health, science, sports, technology, weather, etc. However, you can find not only province and local news but also national and international news. Moreover, there is a link exclusively for the US news. On the right side of the page you will see a list with most recent news and comments. Furthermore, there is information about the weather conditions from inside and outside Ontario. And, if you want to know what’s going on in the entertainment’s industry, check out the news and widget about famous people. The environmental section has data about energy usage, as well as animals and insects’ infections. Eontarionow.com

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LFPress.Ca – Daily News Just One Click Away

  • April 15, 2008

LFPress.CaLFPress.ca is a website about a newspaper called The London Free Press.

It is located in the city of London, in Ontario, Canada. It features local, national and international news, as well as sports and opinions from the people who live in that city. It even has some special sections like, for instance, Citizen One, where locals can send a description of who they consider to be a “role model,” and if they are lucky the person they choose can get the honour of being the star of that particular section. It also gives you the chance to put your own advertisements up on the paper. As well as seeing all the paper of the actual day on the web, these days Ontario citizens have the chance to subscribe to the publication with a major advantage. Until April 19th, you can order home delivery and therefore save major percentage of what it costs on newsstands. London Free Press is a complete and costumer-friendly publication which citizens of Ontario and even anyone around the world can enjoy while informing themselves. LFPress.Ca

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Provincialpaper.com – Wholesale Packaging Materials & Shipping Supplies Distributor – Toronto Ontario Canada

  • March 31, 2008

Provincial Paper & Packaging Canada is a wholesale distributor of packaging materials, shipping supplies and industrial products. We are industry supply experts that provide brand name industrial supplies to businesses that order in large volumes.

Our services include consulting which involves reviewing a customers operation and providing supply solutions that reduce costs, increase efficiency and performance. For those clients who want to reduce their environmental impact, we have supply and operation solutions that can meet this objective with most cost effective and competitive supplies and systems. Examples of popular packaging, shipping and industrial supply product lines include: bubble wrap, pallet wrap, shrink film, stretch wrap, vci packaging, vci paper, vci stretch film, vci hand wrap, vci machine film, vci boxes, silica gel desiccants, clay desiccants, corrugate boxes, water activated tape, gummed paper tape, kraft sealing tape, packaging tape, 3M tape, freezer tape, boxing making tape, specialty tape, custom printed tape, shipping labels, ship to labels, laser labels, warning labels, fragile labels, made in canada labels, magnetic labels, laser labels sheets, ink jet labels, warehouse labels, insertable label holders, clear plastic label holders, floor label systems, metal label holders, shelf label holders, warehouse label holders, warehouse sign making kits, reusable label holders, safety gloves, goggles, anti fatigue mats, adhesives, abrasives, deicing products, environment friendlier road salt alternatives, environment friendly packaging, eco friendly industrial supplies, recyclable packaging products, reusable packaging products, biodegradable packaging products (ex:biodegradable plastic bags), greener packaging supplies eco friendly adhesives, and environment friendly system solutions.

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Viarail.ca – Canada’s Passenger Rail Network

  • February 24, 2008

Viarail.caViarail is Canada’s national passenger rail network. By accessing this size, which is available in a variety of languages, including French and English, plus Portuguese, Spanish and some Asian languages, users will be able to explore the company’s rail network, destinations, schedule and fares, and online booking is also available.

Very worthy of highlight is the fact that using this site, users (especially those coming from abroad) can plan their trip by viewing recommended destinations, or purchasing a vacation package. Also take a look at the options available for taking your car along with you on selected services, or explore the savings of train over car trips, purchase a WiFi package to browse the internet while you are travelling, or learn about freight and package transportation options. Viarail.ca

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Queensu.ca – Queen’s University in Canada

  • January 15, 2008

Queensu.caQueen’s University is a university located in Kingston, Ontario, specializing in business, health sciences and applied arts. Queensu.

ca is its official site, and in it users will be able to find everything they need to know when considering it as a part of their future; the site is also portal for on-campus services, as it provides links to its various faculties and departments and includes general information for students, staff and alumni, including driving directions and maps to get to and from campus premises. The site gives important stress to news in research projects and other advances in academic subjects. Institutional information is also available from the site, as users can learn on ethics, diversity and equity policies Queen’s University enforces. Queensu.ca

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