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  • January 18, 2010

OnRead.comQuite a comprehensive e-book library, OnRead provides an entirely free online books reading service. Each and every book that is found on the database is categorized by genre, and the featured titles can also be browsed by author’s name, by upload date and even by user rating.

In that way, finding something to read becomes more instant since you can go for books which are thematically related to those you have liked in the past, and you can also narrow your search and have only the top titles displayed.

Besides, various formats are featured for you to download the different titles and read them on your iPhone or any other mobile device. I don’t find reading titles on such devices to be really gratifying, but I am aware I am in a minority and that most people do find that practical, specially owing to common time-constrains.

The next major addition to the site is going to be a large collection of audiobooks, effectively turning it into something with an even wider appeal. At any rate, the 180,000 e-books that already make up the database will provide you with enough titles to go through and enrich your perception and take your imagination as far as you want to take it.

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