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  • October 28, 2011

eBabyNames.comPicking a name for your baby should be fun, not something that causes anxiety. It’s no good you ending up quarreling with your wife or husband just because you can settle on what to name your baby boy. Picking the right name has to drive you together, not apart. And that’s exactly what this site is here for: to let you have a good time when choosing how you’ll name your baby boy (or girl), in a relaxed way. And just as importantly, to let you ensure that the name you finally agree upon is one whose historical value and significance you truly understand.

This is possible because the eBabyNames database has been created by real name experts, who are passionate about onomastics. So, the site brings together the top US baby names at any moment in time, and this list can be browsed both alphabetically and by category. These include everything from “Uncommon”, “Occupational”, “Unisex” and “Classic” to just all kind of nationalities and ethnicities.

And a search tool is also available, letting you learn about the origin of names in as quick a way as submitting what you want to have analyzed for its full historical background to be explored.

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