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4 Ways to Encourage Online Calendar Courtesy

4 Ways to Encourage Online Calendar Courtesy

Use tools that integrate seamlessly with your calendar. For instance, Calendar syncs with Google, Outlook, and Apple calendars.

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Is your business one in which you receive clients on a clinic, a spa, a gym or a massages establishment? Then the scheduling of these clients must be an important daily challenge to keep in order. is an online app where you will find a lot of help in organizing your clients’ appointments. At you will find all the features that this online software offers, and you will find it difficult not...

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This new initiative provides a central location on the web for students to manage their personal, student group, and campus schedules, eliminating the confusion of managing multiple calendars. Users plan and organize events on three different levels – personal (person to person), by student group, and by campus. DormNoise calendars communicate with one another as well as with 3rd party calendar applications and mobile devices to give...

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If remembering things is not exactly something you do with flying colors, a visit to this new site might just be of help. Broadly speaking, this online resource can be compared with an online calendar that takes automatic care of setting up reminders for you. These reminders are sent in the manner you specify beforehand. Some available options include e-mail and instant messaging. Of course, once you have entered any event you can...

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Ever since Google launched their office apps, a huge wave of web-based suites for sharing documents has swept the web, most of which leave a lot to desire. WebexOne. com is not one of those: WebOffice is an office-sharing app developed by WebEx, a Cisco company, which prides in offering reliable collaborative platforms which not only allow remote access to documents, but also online meetings, opinion polls, expense reports,...

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