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Can An Elephant Lady Gaga Painting Sell For $1,000,000 In A One Year Auction?

Can An Elephant Lady Gaga Painting Sell For $1,000,000 In A One Year Auction?

We did a story last year on Rasa Levinskaite, an artist who created the website to put her art up for online auctions. Sounds pretty average, right? Not really. You see, Rasa wanted to see if her Elephant Lady Gaga painting would sell for a “Buy Now” price of $1,000,000 within the year it…

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A very remarkable experimental website created by artist Rasa Levinskaite, introduces a wholly new different type of online auctions. As the name if the site puts it, these are auctions that last one full year. No item that’s listed on the site is listed for less than that. The site has been specifically created to let artists auction their paintings and other artwork in a way that lets people have a much...

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Timehop is a service that will help you make your New Year resolutions in half the time it would took you otherwise. This service will go back one full year for you, and bring to mind all the things that have taken place in that time. First and foremost, Timehop works with Facebook. You’re asked to log in with your Facebook username and password, and just by submitting that information once you’ll start receiving a daily...

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