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8 Websites For Finding Great, Cheap Office Equipment

  • May 27, 2014

When setting up your first office, I always advise starting on the cheap and then figuring out what your real needs are. Ask friends at big companies to keep an eye out for furniture that they’re getting rid of, and see if you can buy it for a discount. Similarly, as startups get bigger, they’re often…


7 Ways To Save Money On Your Office Space

  • May 20, 2014

If you’re planning to build a cool office space to impress visitors, just don’t do it! All of our furniture is used, and while our basement space is funky, it’s mostly just functional and cheap. It’s number 18 on our list of monthly expenses. We haven’t spent much on decor, but we do have a few video and…


13 Tips For Enhancing Your Office Space

  • April 22, 2014

Are your employees down in the dumps? There are few things that make people happier than puppies. Allow your employees to bring their pets to work one day, or have the local animal shelter bring some of their newest arrivals over for playtime. You will see pawticular improvement in your employees…


8 Steps To Designing A Collaborate, Productive Office Space

  • April 9, 2014

Having gone through several office redesigns, I’ve seen firsthand just how much design preferences can vary person-to-person. Some prefer bench seating; some prefer private offices. Some prefer couches; some prefer desks. Some prefer whiteboards; some prefer projectors. The only one-size-fits-all approach…


5 On-Screen Corporate Cultures To Avoid In Real Life

  • April 4, 2014

Movies that people can relate to in an emotional or artistic way are the ones that resonate with audiences. Hollywood thrills our imagination, but it’s important to remember that movies are created to entertain us. Once we leave the theater, they shouldn’t necessarily provide blueprints for our own practices…


Get Going On Organizing Your Startup Office

  • December 23, 2013

We all have stereotypes about what we expect the typical startup office to look like, from extravagantly fanciful notions of trampolines and fridges stocked with energy drinks and employees wandering around in jeans, t-shirts, and flip-flops, to the opposite extreme of a lone dreamer with a big idea…


13 Ways To Make Your Office Space More Collaborative

  • December 23, 2013

Ditch the large conference tables that’s too heavy to move, and keep everything small, nimble, and configurable. When we had our office, we kept the floor plan open with configurable desks and shelves. That way, the teams can build their own working area or collaborating space based on their needs at the…


8 Essential Things To Look For In Your Next Office

  • March 28, 2013

Last night I was browsing Quora like I always do and found an interesting question: What value do you put on “good” office space, and how do you measure it? This is something I get asked a lot. If finding a new home for a couple is difficult, imagine how stressful this can be for a 10+ people company or…


14 Simple Tricks And Tools To Keep Your Team Organized

  • March 21, 2013

Our office is an inspiration cave. We can draw and write on every surface, from the white board to the conference table to the windows to the chalk walls. This allows us to not only go with the inspiration but also to visualize our projects and workload. After my teams switched to Asana for project…


Creating Your Virtual Office Space

  • July 27, 2012

As a budding entrepreneur, renting a space, buying furniture and staffing a whole office may be a daunting task. So, with the internet at your fingertips, why not just run a virtual one? It’s cheaper, efficient, and your hiring isn’t limited to a small geographic area. However, if you want to run a productive virtual space, you have to take time to create it in a way that invites collaboration and communication. Consider these 4 aspects of the traditional office as you build your virtual space.

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More – Real Estate India

  • January 20, 2009

Way2Rental.comReal Estate India – Buy, sell and rent residential and commercial properties all over India, find roommates, hostels, real estate agents, brokers, etc.

Property sites are becoming a major market in India and this market is currently ruled by many online portals.

Brokers can be kept away and people can do direct selling or renting over the site. is a flagship product of Elysian creations, and allows different Indian stakeholders to buy, rent, or sell their residential or commercial real estate assets. This company covers every corner of the country and aims to make every thing in the Indian real estate market a possibility from your location.

Additionally, users can enjoy the Map view of the different properties they can find at the site. You can also get access to upload images, and videos as well as the smart search functions.

This solution will let you find apartments, plots, lands, roommates, as well as hostels and movers in India. You can also get access to quick view all listings, smart filter the results, embed videos, live chat, and share your thoughts via Blogs, etc.

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More – Booking Workspaces Online

  • October 31, 2007

Worktopia.comWorktopia is an online booker of meeting rooms/spaces for the small business market. They’ve partnered up with services all over the globe to offer companies on demand conference solutions.

To find office space, users may input any international city in the search box, along with reqs such as number of workspaces and term, after which they’ll get an instant price quote, and booking information. In addition to offices, Worktopia books meeting rooms and virtual offices are available for monthly rates starting at $75 a month. Perhaps, Worktopia’s most noteworthy feature is its automation–all options are automated which means not only can you book a place from the site, you can also select catering services, hotels, and access its scheduling tools which assist you maximize your time in the space you’ve reserved.

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