Ocso.com – OC Sheriff’s Office

  • June 4, 2008

Ocso.comOcso.com is the official website of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the law enforcement agency for the Orange County, Florida, in the United States.

This law enforcement agency is one of the largest ones in the southeastern United States with a budget of more than 140 million US dollars and more than 2.400 employees. On its official website you can learn more about this office, its main duties, and activities. All the latest news regarding the sheriff’s office, as well as the local security, are posted here along with all the upcoming events. Here you can also learn about all the different departments, check their activities, and get all their contact information. All the personal and professional information about its Sheriff, Kevin E Beary, is here along with all the latest press releases. Finally, you can find a list with all the missing people with personal information, pictures, and contact information. Ocso.com

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