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14 Ideas For Putting Your New Tablet To Good (Business) Use

14 Ideas For Putting Your New Tablet To Good (Business) Use

Tablets are worth their money when you effectively use them in getting deals done. Make a practice of finding ways to incorporate your corporate tablets into client meetings. For example, if you’re a mobile development firm, you can do app demos on tablet to show the prospective customer how the app works…

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Twitter is on its way to becoming the universal means of communicating quickly and directly with your acquaintances, so who’s to say that you shouldn’t make use of such an ubiquitous app for other reasons besides communication? This is exactly what the developers of TwitterNotes thought, and they have created an application that lets you take notes using Twitter whenever and wherever you’re logged into your Twitter...

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Honestly, is there anything more annoying than constant cutting and pasting from the internet to a Word document? No, I don’t think there is. The people at i-Lighter thankfully agree. Now, instead of having to risk arthritic pinkies and pointer fingers from hitting “Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V” every five minutes while researching online, you can use i-Lighers highlighting service. First, you’ll need to install the...

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