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You Could Pay Down Your Student Debt By Volunteering

You Could Pay Down Your Student Debt By Volunteering

SponsorChange helps debt-laden college graduates pay down part of their debt through volunteer work and community service.

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The website is a web page for the Association of Perioperative Nurses. It is a non-profit organization that supports more than 160,000 perioperative nurses and provides education, practice, and guidance into the field. AORN’s mission is to provide safety and optimal outcomes for patients going through surgery. It was founded in 1945 in New York and has consecutively published a monthly journal detailing medial...

Read More – ASPIRA Early College for Minorities in the Chicago Area

ASPIRA prepared the website at for minority students of either Puerto Rican or other minority backgrounds. As a non-profit company the Aspira Early College High School believes in empowering the student in a quest toward the skills involved in leadership. ACE also hopes to incorporate a strong feeling of pride in each student’s cultural background. To benefit the school itself, ACE expects to expand their sources of...

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Catherine Rohr Knows A Thing Or Two About Second Chances

Negative stigmas surround the prison system nationwide. But what if the people in those cells could REALLY turn their lives around and find something LEGAL to pursue? What if those convicts would be transformed into entrepreneurs? That’s what came to the mind of Catherine Rohr when she visited prisons through a religious community outreach program. She thought about how many of these people behind bars ran their own “businesses” on...

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2 Hour Commitment is a startup that aims to breathe some life in the way non-profits and volunteers connect and interact online. On this site, the former can create as many postings as positions they need to have covered, and manage all the applications that come through by using a clean dashboard. They can post job openings using a streamlined interface, and explain exactly what’s expected of volunteers. If you’re...

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