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  • June 14, 2008

Nickmatzorkis.comIf you would like to gain inspiration if you are trying to become an entrepreneur in the media or technology industries, then there are many roll models that you could look at. One such character that you could take a look at is a man by the name of Nick Matzorkis, he is best known as the founder of a company called ZabaSearch who became famous as a company in the mid nineteen nineties with there US Search product that was the first affordable service to help people locate long lost friends and family members in the United States.

This company went from a home business in ninety four to a NASDAQ company in five years. Nick Matzorkis then went on to launch the first United States based company in the People’s Republic of China in two thousand and one. If you would like to learn more about this man and his amazing career, then you should take a look at the text and multimedia information at

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