More – Managing Patients & Rooms

  • December 2, 2010

NextRoomApp.comCombining a web-based service with an iPhone app, Next Room stands as an application that lets medical practices manage patients, staff and rooms uncomplicatedly.

When using Next Room, both space and tasks can be allocated by those in charge. Rooms can be assigned to any physician or nurse, and both notes and tasks can be set down when that is done. The nurse and the physician are alerted as new rooms are added to their queues, and the one who is in charge of making the assignments will be able to access a dashboard showcasing exactly which rooms are busy, and when they are going to be free again. Assigning the same room to two different staff members is just impossible.

The Next Room application can be downloaded for free, but you need to create an account before you can begin using the service. In any case, it is worth mentioning that little staff training will be necessary. We are talking about a very easy-to-use application.

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