More – Predict The Next Play If You Can

  • November 23, 2010

NextPlayApp.comA mobile app that will have sports lovers coming back for more, Next Play lets fans predict the outcome of upcoming plays during breaks in the action.

The idea is that you are sitting at home watching your favorite team play it out against all odds, and whenever the game is stopped you will have to make a choice by tapping on the relevant option from the many that are offered by Next Play. If you think that the player will run for a 1st down, you simply tap the relevant option. The same applies if you think he is making a pass, or if you think that he is going to turn over. And so on.

An application like this one clearly aims to make for a more involving television experience for everybody. People will be able to compete with their best friends, and also with those that they have always had differences with and see if once and for all they can determine who knows the game (and the players) best.

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