More – Aggregating The Latest News

  • June 26, 2010

NewsVerse.netNews aggregators have always been popular, for the mere reason that people have more and more things to do each day, and less and less time to actually get down to doing anything. By definition, aggregators save a sizable amount of time if only because they obliterate the need to visit dozens of different sites the same day and read through an endless number of stories that might not be that relevant to begin with.

If the above describes the way you feel, then a visit to a site like Newsverse won’t do you any harm at all. The site is nothing more and nothing less than an aggregator of an entire day’s news, sorted and categorized for easier reference. These are the result of crawling not only a plethora of blogs and newspapers but also resources like Twitter.

The site is fast and concise, and although it doesn’t broach any new ground it does what is expected of it. Personally, I have always been more partial to RSS readers, and I don’t see myself using something like this.

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