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  • April 14, 2010

NewsTilt.comThis is a platform that has the objective of updating (or at least revising) the way that news are presented and consumed. The premise is that of placing the emphasis squarely on the journalist himself and his readers.

What the site intends to do is create a bridge between each journalist and its audience, without the journalist having to worry about brand-related aspects. NewsTilt handles that. All that remains is the basic relationship between the ones who provide the news and the ones who consume that information.

The site, then, stands as a spot where you can not only inform yourself but also engage the one who is reporting any item that you deem as worthwhile. In that way, if you happened to like the way in which a journalist covered a story you can ask for more of the same and show him your support. Remember, the journalists found here are independent ones. Showing them you care for what they do can but encourage them to carry on. And if you spot any inaccuracy on what has been reported you can tell the journalist about it.

The site, then, sort of equalizes the way in which news are presented and assimilated. The fact that the industry is changing at breakneck speed can’t be escaped, and it is good to see resources that aim to keep it all fresh and (most of all) relevant.

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