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  • May 26, 2008

GainesvilleTimes.comHow many times have you arrived late to work just because you wanted to buy that newspaper in the morning? How many times have you lost the train or bus to buy the paper in the afternoon? If you don’t have time to buy the newspaper in the morning, which most of us don’t anymore, then head to the newspaper online at

If you currently purchase the Gainesville Times in the mornings or afternoons, then don’t waste your time and money anymore. Head to provides you with all the latest and up to date information that is published in the normal Gainesville Times newspaper. On the online version of the newspaper you can find many different categories which are easy to use. Categories include News Home, Local News, Sports, Life, Get Out, Obituaries, Nation and World News, Resources, News Services, Photos, and many more categories. Get all your latest news for free on now.

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