More – Watch The News Instead Of Reading Them

  • February 26, 2010

NewsGrasp.comTired of reading the news? Looking for something a little more engaging or lively at the very least? If that is so, this site can be a valid alternative. It basically lets you watch the news instead of reading them pedantically – it effectively stands as a real-time video news aggregator, and the sources that are taken into account really map the whole world.

These video news are categorized under channels such as “Politics”, “Autos”, “Sports”, “Technology”, “Education”… that is, the prototypical areas of interest that will keep most of us interested for a while at least. New videos are uploaded constantly as it is only fit for a site that aims to let you stay fully in the loop.

Videos here can be sorted according to parameters such as recency, popularity and rating. In that way, you can quickly figure out trending topics and learn all there is to know about them.

n any case, the main page of the site is refreshed every five minutes. You are bound to have something interesting to watch whenever you drop by, and that’s a fact.

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