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  • March 4, 2008 is the official 620 Milwaukee and Wisconsin News radio online web site and your source for news coverage online.

At the top main menu you can find the following categories, news, shows, sports, loyal listener club, contest and events, time saver traffic, closing, listen live and jobs. There is also a search engine box located at the top where you can submit your news related keyword search and quick find information on whatever you are looking for. At the home page you can see displayed a list of the top and most important daily news articles and stories. In addition, there are also polls where you can participate by voting as well as information on the current stocks market and their statistics. If you can’t find the news you are looking for you can also visit some of their featuring web site links. The great thing is that you are available to have the program schedule and organize yourself and listen to your favorite programs. You also have another section “people you hear”, so there you can get the information about the different teams who works for the different programs.

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