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  • August 16, 2012 is a Spanish-based website that publishes articles that other writers have submitted, as long as they are original and interesting. All kinds of articles are welcome: experiences, advice, opinions, techniques and stories are often posted by Articulo to the front page of the website. Of course, some topics are prohibited; will reject any content dealing with gambling, pornography or witchcraft. As long as it’s generally family-friendly, it should get accepted. In addition, the original author retains all rights to his or her work and can remove it from the site at any time if so desired.

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  • October 10, 2007 is a news site that offers lots of information about different sorts of topics.

Each topic has different informs of different writers so if you don’t like one inform of a topic you may perfectly read what other writers wrote about the same topic. This site is one of the leading independent online news sites with a conservative perspective. Search any topic you’re interested in like for example: Money, U.S, Politics, International, Pundits, Health, Science and Technology, Entertainment and many others. You may also sign up in order to receive free news alerts; all you’ll have to do is type a valid email address and you will receive the latest news for free. Checkout the hot topics column that this site offers, with topics such as: Exclusive interviews, Iraq, Al-Qaida, War on terrorism, Castro/Cuba and more. offers free headlines for personal, non-commercial use via Really Simple Syndication (RSS). RSS makes for easy sharing of news headlines and summaries for you to use in your personal home page.

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