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More – Pravda Newspaper launching online

  • March 16, 2008

NewsFromRussia.comServing definitely not only Russia but also the entire Anglo-Saxon community worldwide since the website is available in both languages as well as in Portuguese and Italian, this is the official online portal of Pravda, a very well-known newspaper which was in existence for almost 80 years, now only in its online version launches in 1999. It is possible to say they have different conceptions about news regarding Russia and the world which makes this blog unique in comparison to the countless news portals available in the web.

The newspaper Pravda analyzes events while taking a pro-Russian approach to the news, which gives more diversity to the news world if you agreed. The front page gets daily updated and contains news from Russia and across the world, including society events, science happenings, hotspots and incidents, opinions and all about business reports. Summing up it features the regular content of web newspaper with a russky touch which makes it even more interesting. Neat, well-designed and furthermore containing in-depth articles about what’s been hitting the political and economical world along with photo galleries and a funny cartoon section also with Russian point of view and sense of humor.

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