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More – Track Articles Around The World

  • November 11, 2008

TrackThisNow.comAs its name denotes, this is a service that will let you track information over the web in real time. This service is implemented in a very simple manner, too.

Basically, you key in any topic that interests you in the provided search box and carry out a search. Results are there and then displayed on the Google Map that takes up a sizable portion of the main page. By clicking on the placemarks that are displayed on the map, you can easily read news articles from any country that interests you.

Moreover, it is possible to click straight on any country from the map in order to see the latest news in a direct manner. This way, you can focus your search on any given location and save time in the process.

On the other hand, the site also includes a list of the most popular searches that will let you see which topics are attracting the most attention among the online community. Terms such as “Recession”, “Oil process” and “Obama” ride high on that list.

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More – Online Magazine Offering News

  • June 3, 2008

RunningTimes.comThis is the site of the Running Times magazine. Here you can find many news and information about athletes, running and much more.

So, if you are a runner, athlete or simply interested in this subject, then you can find lots of information in this site. Here you can start looking for articles by going through the different categories such as Training, Racing, Health/Injury, Shoes, Products, Running Camps and many more. In every category you will find a list of articles sorted out by title. You can select and read the one that you choose by clicking on the title. For the latest news you can look in the homepage of this site where you will also find web exclusives, the news archives and much more. Another section of this site provides information under categories such as College, Masters, High School, Women, Trails and Race Directors. You can find specific information under each category and read about the different runners who are outstanding in what they do.

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More – DiggClone For News About Kids Toys

  • August 18, 2007

SaferToys.orgSaferToys is a Digg-like site whose focus is on kids’ toys. Like Digg, users submit stories and news articles that they feel are interesting, and have to do with playthings.

Other users then vote for the story, letting it sink to the bottom into obscurity, or floating it to the top of the top. Items can be sorted by date e.g. month, week, and year. Additionally, users can search for items via the tag cloud, which at the moment could use some entries. Top-participants are ranked and given Karma points, (again another Digg copied feature) and their votes are tallied. If you’re a parent, SaferToys could be quite useful; you would want to know about recalled Chinese crafted toys and consumer protection, wouldn’t you?

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