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  • January 26, 2008 New Line CinemaThis site is the official site of New Line Cinema. The homepage has lots of pictures of different movies; some that are coming soon and others that were recently released on DVD.

However there is one picture bigger in size than all the rest and the visitor is given the opportunity of watching the trailer of this movie or clicking on a link that leads straight to the official site of the movie. A section has a ranking of what is hot on, from official sites of movies, through trailers to soundtracks. This site has a design that makes it easy to find your way around it; the main menu divides in movies that are currently being held in theatres, movies that are on DVD, movies on TV, the music of movies, information about New Line Cinema itself and last but not least an online shop. The shop has the items from your favorite New Line Cinema movies, as well as a ranking of the most popular items. The page also provides a link to movies online, where there are quite a lot of movies available and the visitor can either purchase it or rent it. In the section of the site where there is information about New Line Cinema, between many options you can choose to apply for a job, an internship, read the FAQ’s and read about the history of this company. So if the movie business interests you, you should definitely visit! New Line Cinema

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