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More – A New Option For Prostate Cancer

  • June 14, 2008

Hifu.caAblatherm HIFU is a non-invasive prostate cancer treatment option. This site displays all the information that prostate cancer patients and physicians need in order to check if this option may be helpful for the patients.

This web site from this Canadian company provides also links to follow the updates of the current FDA trial or to check if you could qualify for an ongoing trial. The patient section provides detailed explanation about HIFU, how this treatment works, cancer and the prostate, Ablatherm benefits, post-treatment, possible complications and patients’ stories. You may want to check the video of HIFU procedure, HIFU radio program and HIFU payment plan. The physician section gives the doctors data regarding Ablatherm HIFU, comparison of HIFU devices, clinical information, clinical results, articles and abstracts and even video clips. If you are a patient or someone that cares for prostate cancer patient, the information provided by may be helpful, but remember, always consult with your/the patient’s treating physician before making any major health decision.

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