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  • June 4, 2008 is a site fully devoted to giving advice and tips on parenting to new or old parents.

The idea is to provide in one same site all the handy and reasonable drill for taking care of a child. The site is divided into four larger areas: New baby, Travel, Shopping and Community. In the latter you will be able to find forums and message boards where mommies and daddies can get direct advice form other people that are in the same situation. The new baby section is like a database of to-do lists, where every possible aspect of delivering, parenting or preparing for a new child is taken care of, plus a series of handy and useful tips, like how to choose a doctor for your child or how to locate your nearest Poison Control Center. In the Travel area you will find the same knowledgeable and practical information on how to pack and how to keep the children happy throughout long driving trips and airports, and some good insight on where to go and how to pack when traveling with children. The Shopping area includes a selection of apparel, equipment and furniture that is safe, handy and nice. is probably not a place for everyone, but it will definitely prove a lifesaver for new and veteran parents in need of assistance.

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More – The Baby Names Network

  • January 23, 2008

Babynamenetwork.comNine months of pregnancy allow lots of musing on very diverse topics, being the name of the baby on arrival one of the all-time classic puzzlers. Now here’s a site that will prove helpful for mommies to be: Babynamenetwork.

com, as its name announces, is a complete site devoted to presenting and explaining out baby names. User can browse suggestions by alphabetical letter or ethnical/cultural origin, and when clicking into ay category, you’ll get the names in alphabetical order, with a small note next to it explaining its meaning. Names listed by origin include nations as remote as the Netherlands, Albania, Ethiopia or Thailand, so there is a certainly large audience that can benefit from this network. The site can be consulted for free and at leisure, but it is worthy to note that users who subscribe as community members receive additional benefits, like advanced search (by meaning), due date calculator and birth announcement services. Registering, by the way, is free. The site also includes other areas, like a thorough list of links to baby apparel and accessories stores, plus a very interesting archive featuring baby and pregnancy-related articles and news stories.

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