More – Checking The Tone Of Your Emails

  • July 21, 2010

ToneCheck.comYou might be the most diplomatic person around, but the fact remains that people tend to misinterpret what others say. Picking the right words to use in an email is never easy, and the chances of you coming up with something that will have a negative value if the reader wants to look for it can never be subjugated completely.

They can, however, be minimized considerably by using a tool like Tone Check.

We could say that Tone Checker does for the emotional side of any email what a spellchecker does for its grammar. That is, both highlight content that is at fault. And in the case of Tone Checker, it spotlights content that might express an emotion or a tone that is entirely removed from what you intended to convey. For example, if you have chosen a word like “annoying” or “upsetting” it will highlight it so that you can pick a better option such as “concerning”.

As a result, this plugin will let you make sure you are not adopting a hectoring or inconsiderate tone when talking to a subordinate or a superior, and that neutrality will be preserved as much as possible in all cases.

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More – Making The WWW A Neutral Place

  • October 5, 2009

OpenInternet.govWeb neutrality. That is the kind of thing that looks good on paper but which translates into something impossible to implement owing to the actual size of the Internet, and the dynamicity that is has.

Still, just because something is incredibly taxing it doesn’t mean nobody would undertake the task at hand. That is the case of the site under review right now. is a resource which aims to ensure the Internet will be as neutral and objective a place as it can be.

As they say on the site, the idea is to “preserve a free and open Internet” so that both innovation and creativity have a space where they could develop naturally and lead to something constructive. Everybody can join in the conversation and share his/her ideas on what would make a better Internet.

The concept is an interesting one. Too idealistic? Probably. Necessary? Definitely. Especially if we want to ensure that something which is becoming as malleable as the WWW will not lose its integrity, or be distorted beyond recognition.

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More – Who Do You Support For The 08 Election?

  • November 8, 2007

Why08.orgWhat do you think about the presidential candidates? Go to and voice your opinion. is a community dedicated to discussing the 08 election. Register with the site and create a profile. The profile has the standard information, where you live, etc.. and your political view points of course. You can list the candidates you support, oppose, and have neutral feelings for. The candidates you support will have a halo above their head when you comment about them, the ones you oppose will have devil horns. Once you are a member you are free to start communicating on the site. Go to the candidates and express yourself, make a comment about their policies. Of check out other users comments and make and respond with your thoughts. If you don’t feel like to responding to someone’s comment you can vote on it, either agreeing or disagreeing. There is a google map that shows you where the people commenting on a topic are from so you can see geographically who supports who or what policies. There are a lot of heated debates on and it is a great way to get informed and involved. Register at and lean more about the presidential candidates.

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Carbon Neutral Search Engine

  • October 23, 2007

The Carbon Neutral Search Engine, offsets the CO2 emissions generated through producing search queries. The people behind the Carbon Neutral Search estimate that the average search emits a fraction of a gram of CO2, with the inclusion of the users personal computer usage they estimate that this is 17.

57g [In comparison the carbon footprint of a 34.5g packet of Walkers Cheese & Onion crisps is 75g, and the carbon footprint of the average person in the United Kingdom emits 9.8t of CO2 annually]. Each search query processed by the Carbon Neutral Search Engine which is powered by Google will be offset equal to or greater than 100g of carbon dioxide.

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