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  • August 12, 2012 is the online home of the Neurodiagnostic Society. The Neurodiagnostic Society is the premier membership organization in the profession and the leader in neurodiagnostic technology. Neurodiagnostics is the study of nervous systems functions in order to promote healthy and effective treatment of diseases and health conditions which are neurological. ASET is considered a leader in the field and has been dealing with neurological disorders and testing for over 50 years.

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More – A Personal Account

  • July 21, 2008 Sclerosis is a neurological demyelinating condition that affects the Central Nervous System; its symptoms can manifest themselves in almost any form. For people who suffer this disorder, MyMultipleSclerosis. may be of much help. It has been put together by an individual who has been diagnosed with MS for over 12 years, and represents a collection of the information he put together while trying to gain an understanding of this condition. Through it visitors can access all the relevant information about Multiple Sclerosis, its effects, treatments, lifestyle, and a lot of real experiences. This includes a large amount of medical information, featuring articles, books, and pictures. At the top of your screen you can access many specific sections that will tell you in detail this patient’s experience, the treatments he took, and the repercussions on his health. You should take into account that the content of this site does not represent a qualified medical opinion.

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More – The Association Of Neurological Surgeons

  • June 12, 2008 is the online site of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS).

Whether you are medical profession, or you are just interested in neurosurgical educational opportunities, clinical reviews, legislative activities, practice management resources or membership AANS, you will find all the information you need within these pages. Website features include; annual meetings, annual reports, education and meetings, international activities, legislative activities as well as medical students, media center, affiliated organizations among many other useful features and resources. Visit he website to learn more about them. If you enter in the about us section, you will find a complete and detailed overview of this association. Links to the most important neurosurgery journals are available as well. If you are interested in becoming a member of the AANS, you may apply through this website as well. These among many other features and resources are available at this site. Visit the website to learn more about them.

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More – Guide For Medical Professionals

  • May 28, 2008

Medcompare.comSome electronic devices can make life easier. For medical professionals is very important to have the latest technology and products.

For this reason has created a tool to make their lives easier. provides a helpful guide for medical professionals by giving them information about new devices and medical products. They will send an e-mail notifying the people that there is something in the market. Furthermore, they give make a comparison between these products, between its specifications, description, etc, so that they can give accurate information. In addition, they watch videos of product’s demonstrations as well as images to have a better idea of the product’s quality and attributes. At the web site you will see many sections, such as: cardiovascular, neurological, diagnostics, ophthalmology, urology, orthopedics, general surgery, and aesthetics. All the categories aforementioned are divided so you can read only the relevant information according to your specialty.

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More – American Journal of Neuroradiology

  • May 12, 2008

AJNR.comThe American Journal of Neuroradiology publishes research papers, case reports, review articles, and technical notes on the filed of Neuroradiology. Topics include diagnostic imaging, degenerative diseases, anatomy, experimental studies, imaging techniques and technology, interventional techniques, radiology, neurological and congenital malformations, to name a few.

The site features archives of articles that have been published over the past two decades which can be of great interest and use to those in the field. The site has one featured case each week which includes a brief discussion and diagnosis as well suggested reading material pertaining to the case in question which can be of great use to students as well as medical professionals. Persons interested in publishing an original research, case report, technical notes, and special papers can submit their manuscripts electronically. Information on submission and author responsibilities can be found on the website. Visitors can also provide feedback by filling out an online form with their comments. For subscription information visitors can go to the subscription section and choose to subscribe to the online or print publications.

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More – Patient Care

  • April 12, 2008

GEHealthcare.comProviding transformational healthcare technologies and services, proficiency in information technologies and medical imaging, diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery, performance improvement, biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies and more, thus helping clinics around the world to predict, inform, diagnose, monitor and treat diseases in new ways, helping patients fulfill their lives. GEHealthcare provides a vast variety of products and services providing a better diagnosis and treatment of cancer, neurological and heart diseases and other conditions in the earlier stages.

Their vision is to provide earlier diagnosis, pre-symptomatic disease detection and prevention. With headquarters in the United Kingdom, GEHealthcare is a General Electric Company worldwide, serving healthcare professionals and patients in over 100 countries around the globe.

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