More – Easier Mobile Authentication

  • November 18, 2010

NetworkSignatures.comThere are many applications for ensuring the safety of virtual private networks, and this one in particular has caught my eye. Netsig is an authentication solution that generates a random code each time an employee logs into the network using his mobile phone. In practice, this means that no employee has to carry tokens or fobs of any kind in order to gain admission any longer.

As you can imagine, Netsig uses both a backend server that handles authentication operations, and a mobile app that must be installed into the phone of each employee. This app generates the one-time password that the employee uses to gain admission to the VPN, and upon being inputted (and accepted) the password will automatically expire.

This system is quite hard to fool, for the simple reason that the only way to hack it is to have both the mobile phone of the user and its pin number. That turns Netsig into quite a commendable anti-hacking solution, and one that is implemented with little fuss at that. You just get and install the Java and mobile apps for everything to become operational.

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