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  • September 27, 2007

ananasblau.comIf you are a lover of words or frequently find yourself inventing new words for ideas that have no name, you must check out

This is a simple website with a simple idea: creative members add their neologisms and provide the definition. The only guidelines for submitting neologisms are that the word can’t exist in any dictionary (in any language), should have almost no hits on major search engines and it can’t violate any trademarks. The word shouldn’t be mentioned anywhere else, basically it has to be ultimately original. So far, the site only has a few neologisms such as, “neologopedicism” which is the school of thought that assumes language can be used to medical purposes, and “ananasblau,” a funny color between blue, yellow and green. In fact, on it’s very simple web page, ananasblau is one of the only colors they use. In addition to simple colors, has just three page options for visitors: neologate (sign in and add words), newest neologisms and most referenced. Become the owner of your neologisms and post them for the world to see on

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