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Napping At Work? Why It Might Be Worth Looking Into

Napping At Work? Why It Might Be Worth Looking Into

We’ve all been there, the minutes following lunch are usually associated with a massive crash in energy and focus. Most of us have programmed ourselves to work through this lull with coffee or energy drinks. We do so with the conviction that we by staying awake we are staying productive, but there is…

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Do you feel tired during the day? Are you experiencing a lack of energy in your body? Would you like to hear about an interesting solution? On you will learn about sounds that help you reach an appropriate mind state for a relaxing nap. These sounds let you optimize your sleeping to recover your energy. provides information about certain napping techniques using different kind of sounds. You can use...

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Every 9-5er is familiar with the phrase “power nap”. Whether you prefer the post-lunch crash or the “Whoops, that was decaf” midmorning zonk-out, 20MinuteNap. com can aid you in your quest for the perfect power nap. Just head to their site, hit the “play” button on the large ipod graphic, and get your snore on. 20MinuteNap provides you with a free stream of soothing songs which the site claims will lull you into a soporific state in...

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