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The Startup Sit Down: Andres Barreto – Founder Of OnSwipe And GrooveShark On Securing $6 Million In Funding

I was thrilled when I heard I would be interviewing the founder of my favorite music-streaming site Grooveshark, Andres Barreto. But when I found out we had some serious connections – he went to college in Florida and graduated a year after me (same major), his current office is four blocks from where I used to work in NYC, his editor works in the same office I do now, etc. – I knew we would get on like a house on fire,...

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Songza App Sets The Music Mood And Grabs 1 Million Downloads

How many times have you fumbled to find just the right playlist for a specific Saturday night mood? I know I have, and music is pretty much essential for a variety of Saturday night activities. Thanks to Songza, the music streaming service that recently launched an iPad app, your perfect playlist is a click away.     Just looking at Songza’s example icon, I’m totally sold: Header: It’s Saturday late night. Play music for:...

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