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The Real Insiders Are About To Rule The Music Scene – Indiepush

The Real Insiders Are About To Rule The Music Scene – Indiepush

It’s a great time to be a music fan and an independent musician. There’s just one hitch: discovery.

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Angel Lai is a 25 year-old drop-out from China. He taught himself programming and design and created, a social blogging site. His new venture is, a social music sharing site for our friends, family and the rest of the world to enjoy our tunes. We caught up with Angel to talk inspiration and what it will take to feel successful.         How’d you come up with the name for your company?...

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Do you remember recording mixtapes from the radio? It used to be my favorite thing to do with my best friends back in the day. Man, I wish I could find those tapes. They would likely contain such 90s hits as Mariah Carey’s Rollercoaster, Puff Daddy’s (as he was called back then) Every Breath You Take, and probably Barbie Girl. These were some good music times. wants to bring those good times back by letting you...

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Audiogalaxy App – Vengeance Is Sweet

Music lovers, like me, have problems fitting our huge music playlist from the computer into our phones. Seems impossible, right? The idea of having your whole iTunes playlist fit on your phone, it probably never even crosses your mind. But of course you have had moments when you want to hear a song, but couldn’t, because of the lack of space. Michael Merhej and partners made the impossible; possible. Their startup, Audiogalaxy, was...

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At, indie music fans and musicians can share information about independent music, hype their favorites, and discover new artists. Any member can submit an indie album to Contrastream, which currently focuses on three genres: indie rock, underground hip-hop, and indie electronic. The community – not the music media – filters out the best albums, since the most-hyped ones appear on the front page of the site. You...

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