More – Handling Your Time & Tasks

  • January 5, 2010

Mugnatasks.comManaging tasks should not be difficult any longer. That is the impression I am definitely under after having reviewed an endless amount of apps that let you take care of just anything.

Some are free, some are paid, some work on your browser, some are launched from your desktop… there are as many configurations and combinations as you could possible want. And this young site couples some of my favorite features: it is lightweight, flexible and entirely browser-hosted. Not to mention that it is free.

Using it, you will be able to track what you and your team members are doing over time. The application comes complete with back and forth task forwarding as well as chat reports for keeping everything in sight. An activity log serves that very same purpose.

I know, there are so many apps like this one on the market that a new one offering might seem a little unwarranted. This one has all the advantages of a browser-based one, as well as being very, very lightweight. It is the kind of app I like, and I bet many of you can tell a similar story.

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