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  • March 7, 2011

MrThread.comIf there is something you want to discuss with others, a service like Mr. Thread is sure to be interesting for the simple reason that it will let you keep everything to the point. You see, Mr. Thread is a service for the creation of individual threads to discuss whatever you want with your friends, and even with your coworkers. These threads can be created for free, and each will be hosted on a URL of its very own.

Threads are created by picking a title and submitting your email address. And they can be password-protected, too. That depends on the sensitivity/privacy of what is bound to be discussed. And note that submitting an email address is not mandatory, either. But it is only if you submit one that you will be able to delete the thread at a later date.

Mr. Thread is a free service, and it is basically going to remain like that. Yet, some paid features are going to be added when (and if) the site manages to pick traction.

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