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  • February 24, 2011

MrIcons.comMr Icons can be defined as a search engine for icons. The idea is that through this site you will be able to specify what you are working on (IE, an iPad or a Facebook app) and then be presented with lots of different icons that can be downloaded and used at just no cost.

Currently, the Mr Icons database has over 125000 icons, very well-indexed and categorized. And if you prefer to take a more general approach, then you will be able to look icons up by set. There are roughly 400 of these, and most themes you could think of are already successfully covered – cartoons, blogging, developer kits, Linux?

Just as importantly, all the icons that are featured are of very high quality. But there is no need for you to take my word for it – simply head down to the site, launch a search of your own and see what crops up.

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