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More – Find The Right Moving Company

  • June 20, 2010

MoversCorp.comMovers Corps can be termed a marketplace for companies that offer local moving services. The site will let you search for the one that is more suitable simply by specifying your ZIP Code and the day in which you intend to move using the provided search functionality.

Once you have set that down, a full list of local companies will be presented for you to compare their rates side by side. Moreover, vital information such as insurance will be prominently displayed for you to weigh up as well. And something that is also a defining factor when it comes to going for one company or the other such as reviews provided by past consumers will be made available, too.

Once you have made up your mind, you will actually be capable of placing a moving order through the site – there is no need to leave the site in order to book any of the featured companies. If all goes well, you will receive an order confirmation and be contacted within 24 hours in order to verify everything, and also to provide some final details and information.

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More – Moving Companies Compared Side By Side

  • June 16, 2010

5movers.comIn case you are planning to move soon, you might find of great interest. 5 Movers will let you get free moving quotes for different moving services in the United States. Are you searching for a truck rental? Do you need information about moving companies? If that is so, might be of great help, as you can request moving quotes online and find details about storage and loading services.

On 5 Movers you will have the chance to find information about moving companies and get quotes from the one that better suits your needs. In addition, other services also include truck rental and storage services, as well as special packing services and car carrier.

To sum up, next time need moving services, you can try out. This website offers free moving quotes online, and include services such as storage and truck rental as well as boxes and supplies.

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More – A Comprehensive Moving Assistant

  • January 13, 2010

MoveIdiot.comA site whose title might be a little too explicit for some people, Move Idiot provides a very useful set of services and functionalities. We could name it a complete assistant for the ones who have to move, and it lets them plan and arrange the whole process online.

For example, using this application is very easy to calculate a moving budget and determine if that company that you intend to hire is making you pay though your noise or it is being professional enough and not charging you a cent more.

Besides, through such a site you can track the boxes that you have shipped on a real-time basis – you will know at all times where it is that your boxes are going, and where it is that they were before.

I know many people who are a bit gunshy when it comes to moving. In is not as much as a matter of not trusting the moving company, but rather not knowing how much should they pay for its services. Sites such as this one make the whole process more transparent, as progresses can be tracked as they are happening and you (as the user) can know exactly the status of your items at each stop.

And a small piece of naming advice: if you are to name an app, don’t use the word “Idiot” in the title. Use something like “Dummy” instead. Unless you want to unnecessarily alienate some people, that’s it.

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Reliable Moving Services, Discount Movers, Long Distance Movers, Speacials Available

  • May 16, 2008

Moving On Time is a nationwide moving company. We specialize is local moves, long distance moves, corporate relocations and overseas moving.

Our goal is to make the moving process as smooth as possible. We provide our customers with excellent customer service and educate our cliental with moving tips and industry news. As movers we believe that a happy moving customer the first time- will utilize our moving services in the future. We have many references and we are fully licensed by the US department of transportation.
Moving On Time is your one stop moving help when moving a few blocks or moving long distance.
Call us today 1-800-990-2790 for a free no obligation moving estimate on your moving needs or simply visit us at and fill out an online form and we will get back to you with the best available deal for you!

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More – Heal Your Moving Pain

  • January 16, 2008

Drmove.comDr. Move provides economically priced moving services in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and Waco, Texas.

You can get a free quote instantly by filling out a short online form detailing you address and where it is you’re moving to, date of move, and items that you wish to have transported. If the information put into the form (you can also edit it later as you see fit) is correct, then you can expect to pay the exact the same price you were quoted. The company guarantees that your price won’t change on the moving date. Dr. Move offers various services for free that most other companies charge for, including boxes, bubble wrap, and tape, free shrink wrap and padding for your furniture, and free install and unintstall of furniture and appliances. Dr. Move also promises not to add any hidden fees, such as charges for fuel and stair fees.

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