More – Movies Rated Using Twitter

  • October 26, 2009

MovieRats.comTo many, Twitter has become synonymous with collective insight at its purest. And a site like Movie Rats just makes that viewpoint gain the more strength.

You see, it is an online resource where people rate movies from 0 to 100 and then the scores are aggregated for all to ponder upon.

The site is an encompassing one in the sense that both old and new films are scrutinized. In fact, the database is as wide as people using Twitter, so that movies of all ethnicities have a spot in here.

The movies themselves can be visualized in a plethora of ways, and as you can imagine it is possible to see only the ones that have received the best ratings along with those who have fared abysmally. Besides, it is possible to view these movies that have been rated more times, leaving aside the approval or disapproval they have elicited from members of the online community.

On the whole, quite a fun way to learn more about these movies that are either just released or the ones that have moved us all in the past. If you have a fondness for the world of celluloid, keeping it in mind is a good idea.

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