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  • July 13, 2010

Motolingo.comA startup that specializes in mobile applications for drivers, Motolingo intends to let people who are sitting behind the wheel have a more realized experience from start to finish. It hopes to do so by offering a set of apps that (in general) connect smartphones to the car’s diagnostic port and provide the driver with information such as the exact location, detailed fuel consumption, and automatic reminders to check the lights and even not to send a SMS while driving.

In general, the services provided by this company will cater both for individuals and for business users. The former will be able to improve any vehicle’s health and usage by reducing the actual consumption of fuel, whereas companies will be capable of using Motolingo to keep a close watch on a fleet’s overall performance and maintenance.

For example, using Motolingo’s services it is very easy to learn when any vehicle (or vehicles) is due for an oil change. The provided reports make it very easy to individualize any particular problem with a vehicle or its driver, and let the manager solve it before it’s too late.

And if you are wondering if you car actually has a diagnostic port or not, it suffices to say that any car that was manufactured after 1996 has got one. That shouldn’t be a problem in most cases, then.

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