More – Creating Mobile Apps Intuitively

  • February 15, 2010

MotherApp.comThe key to success for a startup that has just premiered lies in the ability of the entrepreneur to tell which expenses are warranted from day one, and which ones can be put on hold. Having a ultra-fancy mobile app is not always a necessity, but having some kind of app that lets people know at least something about your service is desirable.

And services such as MotherApp make that possible.

Broadly speaking, by using this service you will have the chance to come up with an app of sorts that takes your native RSS feed as the starting point. The main value this has is that you don’t need to be a skilled programmer in order for this conversion process to be handled. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to be a programmer. “Intuitive” is the adjective that best describes the way that this service operates.

In this way, you are dispensing with hiring a programmer just to have an app to go with your site or blog. And the best thing might as well be that this service is free to begin with. A paid version does exist, and it comes without advertisements. But if all that you want is to have an app that is compatible with all the main smartphones on the market today, then this passes the test with a good grade.

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