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  • July 24, 2008

MotesClearCreekFarms.comThose who are interested in buying goats will probably find a visit to the Motes Clear Creek Farms worth the while. The farms themselves are located in Tennessee, and they owners specialize in boer goats such as fullblood bucklings, purebreed doelings and percentage does to name but three.

Information on these breeds and many others can be found in the pertinent pages, and the site also collects together a lot of resources on issues such as goat care and breeding. A glossary of frequently used goat terms and words can be accessed from the main page as well, and the website also advertises web design services for those who wish to have a goat-related webpage up and running. Further resources include a thorough collection of articles that deal with questions that aren’t answered elsewhere in the website such as common illnesses and treatments along with some goat-related humorous resources. If you have any inquiry or just want to make any comment you can address your e-mails to [email protected] and they will be duly answered.

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