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  • May 21, 2008

EccoUsa.comAre you looking for the perfect fitting shoes? Find it hard walking in those old pair of joggers? Perhaps you are a lady and you’re finding it hard walking with all those blisters on your feet from your high heels. Do you want the best innovation in shoe wear? If you are looking for that perfect fit, then you should log on to EccoUsa.

com right away. Ecco USA has been working in the shoes industry for over 40 years now. The company started off as a small southern Jutland town in Bredebro, Denmark, run by Karl Toosby, as he strived to pioneer a revolution in the footwear industry. He was tired of having his feet mold to his shoes, so he decided to make his own kind of shoe. With the 40 years of technological advancement and experience, that same company transformed into Ecco USA and is now one of America’s leaders in footwear. To see the new line of insanely comfortable footwear and other information about the company, visit

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