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  • June 10, 2008

Hideandfur.comThe Moscow Hide And Fur store is a retailer of furs and related products which can be found online at

The items that make up the inventory can be browsed through by means of a provided navigation menu that includes categories such as “Buckskin & Leather”, “Tanned Furs” and “Antlers & Horns”. In addition to that, items for taxidermy work are stored online as well. On the other hand, it is possible to visualize the available items by price range, whereas products that benefit from discount prices can be found on the page that goes by the name of “Specials”. The most recent additions to the catalog are likewise spotlighted on the main page. Pictures are included for all the stored items. A section entitled “Projects & Ideas Gallery” includes information on selected items that are made from the wildlife products that the company deals in, as well as information on the craftspeople who make them.

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More – The Moscow Times

  • May 24, 2008

Themoscowtimes.comThe city of Moscow is not only the capital city of Russia, but also plays an important roll in the financial and political markets of the region. Russia as a world power also has the ability to exhort some influence on the world as a whole.

Since nineteen ninety two there has been a newspaper that has been printed from with in the Russian capital, but written in English. The Moscow Times was originally designed as a paper for foreigners working overseas within the new Russian economy, the paper slowly established itself as an independent news source for Moscow and Russians in general. If you would like to learn more about this publication, then you might consider taking a look at its online format from the web site The web site is well designed and the menu system makes it easy to navigate to all the news and features within its pages.

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More – Find a Russian Lover

  • March 1, 2008 is a dating Social Network not unlike others, with the usual features: IM, chat, buddylist, and full profiles of men and women with photographs; what sets this site apart from other dating services is that it seems to be the largest Russian dating network, aiming both for foreigners who want to meet Russians, and viceversa.

Becoming a member of the community and uploading one’s profile and details is free, but in order to contact the other members, you need to subscribe and pay an undisclosed amount. Although it is clear that the site’s aim is to generate couples, users can choose to meet other people in order to have correspondence or practice a language, and not necessarily to start a romantic relationship. The whole idea behind the site is a bit hard to grasp, as most of the information and the pictures available from the site show and talk about meeting Russian women, however there is a men’s profiling service too.

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