More – Send Messages After You Pass Away

  • October 8, 2010

Mopits.comMopits is one of these startups that usually meet with some derision, for the simple reason that it provides a service that can do more bad than good. You see, through this site you can schedule social messages and updates that will be posted after you have passed away.

To many, such an idea obviously tethers on the line of what is in good taste and what is not. The psychological effects of something like this on the ones who are still living could be devastating if the person who created the messages was not careful.

On the other hand, a service like this one could be used to send people you didn’t stand a final message revealing something they never knew, and that you knew all along. That is another possible use, and (again) how tasteful that is will be open for discussion.

The site will let you schedule not only Facebook updates and tweets for after your death, but also emails and text messages. And the service is entirely free to use. I would tell you to give it a try for yourself, but it’s not like you are going to see how effective everything will happen to work out, are you?

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