More – Video Classifieds With A Social Touch

  • March 15, 2010

Moombo.comMoombo is a classifieds service that is meant to take advantage of the flexibility we all associate with the Social Web. Basically, this new service capitalizes on the user’s social network as well as Moombo’s own network and affiliates in order to get the classified across and reach out to an audience that is as extensive as it could be.

Furthermore, the concept of video becomes a key part of the classifieds since all ads necessarily come with one, along with the ever-obligatory picture.

All of the above means that users will be capable of communicating with the widest possible crowd, and in a truly descriptive way at that. Besides, aspects like providing users with a custom subdomain that can be used to promote their listings just make everything more dynamic.

Becoming a member of Moombo is not that difficult or time-consuming for that matter – if you have a Facebook account you can link it to Moombo through Facebook Connect. Once that has been done, further social services can be linked one by one. Twitter and YouTube accounts are the pivotal ones, since they make for uploading videos and sharing listings more easily. This process is also wholly inexpensive.

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