More – Track How You Feel

  • March 3, 2011

Mood247.comPeople have a tendency to complain about what a bad day/weekend/month they are having. However, if they were to minutely look back on things later on, then it would dawn on them that most of the time they are exaggerating. Maybe things could have been a little better, but they were not so nefarious either. And that is exactly what a tool like this one can let anybody realize.

Mood 24/7 is an application for keeping track of how you are feeling over time. It works by sending you daily messages asking how you are doing, and by replying them you will be creating a log with your mood. This can be accessed later on as a chart, and you will get to see exactly how much of a bad weekend you really had. And this chart can be shared with whomever you like – your family, your friends, even a medical professional that is treating you.

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