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  • September 12, 2007

LowerMyBills.comWant to get more of your money? Want to lower your monthly bills? LowerMyBills seems a very helpful site as everyone wants to save some money and reduce the cost of daily living. The fact is that even small expenses, repeated frequently, add up to serious money without you really noticing.

LowerMyBills is a free comparison shopping site that allows you to compare rates on all monthly expenses and select the best deals on home loans, home-equity loans, purchase loans, debt-consolidation loans, credit cards, auto loans, insurance and wireless services, among other service categories. This free service enables you to enter particular information, which then is used to match you with the companies that will best meet your needs. LowerMyBills is also a useful resource if you’re looking for information on personal finance issues. The site gives you access to their Experian credit report and credit score, financial tips and advice, and mortgage calculators to refinance your mortgage, home equity, debt consolidation, home purchase and more. You can sign up to their free newsletter full of savings, tips, and special offers, and as Matt Coffin, founder and CEO of LowerMyBills, says “compare, compare, compare”.

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